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Penguin Village - Dahab-Budget Hotel -Cheap Accommodation-PADI Dive Center-Excursions-Egypt

New-Born Freedom Offer

Now it's a perfect time for people to see history being made in Egypt.

  • Book online 7 nights and pay for 6 nights (applies ONLY to online-made booking followed by a deposit payment).
  • Book for 4 people and pay 15% less.
  • Book 2 excursions and snorkel the blue hole free.
  • Please, kindly notice that only ONE of the above offers applies to a reservation.

Enjoy the sharp price cuts aimed at stemming losses to the country.

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dahab holiday accommodation excursionsPenguin village is a budget hotel in Dahab. We offer a fabulous place to rest, relax, discover, dive and have fun. Blending the heritage and hospitality of the Middle East with the convenience and professionalism of the West, Penguin Village offers diving, affordable accommodation, day trips, desert safaris and historic adventures with your safety and comfort in mind. We allow you the choice of a perfectly wrapped package or your own custom designed vacation. With us you can surf the Internet, the waves or simply relax by the sea with a long cool drink.
Penguin village
is located just 90 kilometers from the International Airport in Sharm El Sheikh, 150 kilometers from the Airport in Taba and 5 minutes drive from Dahab bus station.
Penguin Village is situated in the centre of Dahab which faces directly out onto the Gulf of Aqaba with its breathtaking views. It’s these views combined with the marvelous coral reefs and perfect weather that make it one of the best destinations world-wide for both backpackers and sun seekers.

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Penguin Village is a sea view budget hotel in Dahab. We offer cheap accommodation in Dahab for people who come to enjoy diving in Dahab or learn PADI dive courses in Dahab, in our PADI 5 stars dive center (Penguin Divers) Penguin Village also organize desert safari in Dahab and Sinai Peninsula where you can enjoy camel safari , jeep safari , daily trips to St. Catherine ministry and mount Sinai and more… Penguin village helps you to plan your trip to all Egypt towns such as Cairo and Giza (where the pyramids are ) Luxor and Aswan and more …

This Budget accommodation the bed & Breakfast rooms  in central Dahab is set in a tranquil position  opposite a lovely View Of the Red Sea . It is within minutes walking distance of , restaurants, shopping and famous Dahab attractions. The picture on the top is outside the Penguin Hotel.

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